Jacuzzi rental in Limburg
Happy rent rents out this beautiful jacuzzi throughout limburg and the Euregio. Happy Rent, delivers* the jacuzzi and picks it up*  at the location. So now you can enjoy in a delicious way and relax in your own backyard.
Rent Luxury Jacuzzi:     € 295, - per week
Transport:                        € 50, - 100 km
Cleaning (if necessary):  € 25, - at a time
Aroma oil                         € 20, - per bottle
Maintenance:                   € 15, - per week
Extra week Rent:            € 175, - per week
Sound:                             € 79, - per week
Deposit:                         € 400, - at a time
Prices are excluding 19% VAT
* You must have 4 men to help in the placement and retrieval related lifting.
In our Jacuzzi you can enjoy a full-hydro-massage system that consists of different types of massage jets. Depending on where you are or you can enjoy a single or simultaneous back massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, arm, thighs, calves, knees, feet or leg massage. The strength of the jets per seat or berth adjustable.
Masage therapy:
Warm water widens the blood vessels, the blood supply to damaged tissues facilitated. The resulting supply of oxygen and nutrients leads to faster recovery of tired muscles. The jet system of hydro-massage baths has a relaxing effect on the cramped muscles and increases the pressure on the surrounding nerves away. Massage improves blood circulation and accelerates the natural healing of the body. The buoyancy reduces body weight by 90%, thus the pressure on joints and muscles significantly decreases.
Hydrotherapy is a combination of heat, massage and up-streaming water. All these factors come together in a spa. Air and water are combined so that a refined deep-penetrating massage arises. It produces a sensation that not only psychological and physical level is relaxing but also very beneficial.
- Helps against stress
- A better sleep at night
Our spa is equipped with an aroma unit. This makes it possible to add aroma’s to the water. This adds an extra dimension to relax in your spa because smells can contribute to your wellness.
Note: You may only use special jacuzzi oil, you can order your jacuzzi for only € 15, - per bottle in the following scents:
A spa does not fit through a standard doorway. First look of the location where you want to place the spa, the ground or easily accessible, and access via the garden-door and / or other doors are wide enough, then is placing of the spa no problem.
Because the combined weight of the spa, water and users it is extremely important that the substrate on which the spa rests smooth, flat, and suitable is for this weight in a uniform way to contribute. Prevent displacement or subsidence of the ground during the entire period that the spa is installed. A well-tiled floor requirements. A wooden platform is less becouse any vibration can enhance the spa. Absolutely ideal is a paid or a reinforced concrete slab with a minimum thickness of 10 cm.
For your safety and to prevent any overload on your grid, you spa always be connected to two separate groups, grounded fuses of 16 or 20 amp. or a group of 25 amp. A spa may need much power at some times. Think for example the simultaneous switching of all the jets, the waterfall, the ozonator, the airblower and heating. The cable should run directly from the meter to the place where the Spa will be (up to 5 meters of extra cable to one of the sides inwards to perform).
Note: in all cases, the power supply must have a neutral and an earth with an earth of 0.03 (fast earth), in some counties (mainly in Belgium) the power requirements do not meet these requirements. Check to be sure your power or the power meets the power requirements for your spa.
The spa can be filled with a simple garden hose. You must first fill the Spa with water and then plug in the power supply. If you plug in the power supply the spa will automatically start warming up to 35 ° C. You can change the temperature setting on the display that is illuminated in the dark. At the time we pick up the spa, the spa must be filled, so we can verify that the spa is still working.
Use and maintenance:
• Take a shower before entering the spa (use soap). If you avoid that detergent and soap residue in the spa goes.
• Don’t leave the spa without water or closure in the sun. Direct exposure to sunlight can damage the tank. Cover the spa when not used (empty or filled). Provide protection in rain and snow (the spa facilities of a covering).
• Tilt the spa not. If you damage the structure.
• Do not open the control cabinet in the equipment compartment. You do not need to be in the control cabinet for maintenance.
• Do not use glass or other fragile materials in or to the spa.
• Persons with heart problems, low or high blood pressure diabetes or other circulatory problems have to speak to their doctor. Max 37 ° C
• Warm water can promote the growth of bacteria if the spa is not sufficiently disinfected, and the chemical balance is not kept in good order.
• Diving or jumping in the spa is prohibited
Cost of use:
Energy costs are on average € 1.50 per day
Jacuzzi verhuur limburg
Spa with 4 Seats
and 1 Berth.
    •    34 jets + 1 powerful 2PK pump
    •    Air-blower with 10 additional jets
    •    Aromatherapy
    •    Ozonator
    •    Waterfall
    •    Free step-ladder
    •    Free cover
Our Spa includes:
Good Insulation
low energy costs
Quality tub
Maintaining quality
Eco ozonator
    •    4 seats + 1 berth.
    •    Dimensions 200 x 200 x 84 cm
    •    Acrylic tub
    •    Empty weight: 260 kg
    •    Full weight: 1500 kg
    •    Total jets: 34 pieces, divided into;
    •    Point-jets: 5 pieces
    •    Mini-jets: 7 pieces
    •    Dico-jets: 7 pieces
    •    Air-jets: 10 pieces
    •    Rota-jets: 4 pieces
    •    Massage-jets: 1 piece
    •    Pillows: 2 pieces
    •    Power: 220-240 V, 50 Hz 16/32 Amp.
    •    Control system: Balboa GS502 (USA)
    •    Heating: 3 KW
    •    Circulating pump 400 Watt
    •    Pump 1: 2 HP
    •    Light: 12 V/12 Watt Led
    •    Water divert: 2 pieces
    •    Air regulator: 3 pieces
    •    Suction: 1 piece 200GPM, 1 piece 94GPM
    •    Filter system: 1 removable Top- mount skim filter.
    •    Frame: Pressured chemical-treated wood.
    •    Conversion: Plastic - maintenance free.
    •    Isolation: CFC-Free foam.
    •    Soil: water-resistant poly wood/hermetically sealed
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